The WiFiBooster Z802 - Super Sale!
The WiFiBooster Z802 - Super Sale!
The WiFiBooster Z802 - Super Sale!
The WiFiBooster Z802 - Super Sale!

The WiFiBooster Z802 - Super Sale!

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Special Offer - 50% Discount Today Only!

The Z802 WiFiBooster is the most complete WiFi signal booster on the market.

Developed to not only instantly boost your WiFi to any room in your house or garden, but this new technology will also ensure you receive maximum speed wherever you are on your property.

"If you have WiFi but it's slow, not available in certain rooms or places in your house/garden, can't stream movies/TV and won't handle multiple users and devices....then the Z802 booster will solve all of these problems...."

  • No technical knowledge needed.
  • Just plug into any power socket.
  • Greatly increase the range and speed of your existing WiFi.
  • No more dead spots.
  • Compatible with all existing routers and devices.
  • 2 colours available.

It doesn't matter if you're using multiple Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, Smart TV or Tablets - the booster will ensure all devices work at ultra fast speeds!

Simply plug the Z802 in, follow the super simple instructions included and watch as your wifi signal strengthens, becomes ultra-fast and is available anywhere on or in your property.

"Finally get the WiFi service you've been paying for...." 

    This brand new booster is available at more than 50% off it's official price during its launch phase. But the heavily discounted price is only available whilst the promotional stage is active.

    Finally solve problems like:

    • Slow internet despite full Wi-Fi reception
    • Weak Wi-Fi speed when far from router
    • Bad Skype or Facetime quality
    • Wi-Fi 'dead-spots' in or around your property
    • Slow buffering when streaming movies
    • Frustrating & slow download or upload times

    Take advantage of this offer today and secure your 100% money back guarantee & FREE SHIPPING.

    We accept all major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal to ensure peace of mind and security.