Kate Upton Lifts

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 12 months you will definitely have heard of Kate Upton. She's one of the most sought after actresses and models in Hollywood right now with a long list of movie theatre hits under her belt as well as one glittering modelling career.

Forever looking beautiful and wowing us on the red carpet is something that Kate does with grace and elegance time and time again. Of course there's no doubt a lot of time spent in the salon and designer dress studios where she pours over the perfect outfits that bring out every best feature she has.

But is there a secret to Kate's physique that she's kept secret? Well if it was a secret, it's out! And Kate isn't hiding it any more.

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And we say Kate lifts we mean she really lifts. Weights. Heavy. She's as comfortable with a Bulgarian leg split as she is with a movie star role.

There's been a lift for a long time that weight lifting doesn't give you the feminine figure that so many ladies desire. Some people seem to think women will turn into The Rock if they even go near a dumbell. But thank fully Kate Upton is dispelling this myth and showing that lifting gives incredibly health and fitness results, a strong figure with all the right tone and curves in equal measure.

Check out Miss Upton smashing out some Hip Thrusts in the gym right here. A mega exercise for lifting and strengthening the glutes.

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