Beautiful Mala Chakra Necklace

Beautiful Mala Chakra Necklace

Every now and then we have some of the most eye-catching items available just for you. But certain items also have a deeper meaning than just their external beauty and this Mala necklace certainly falls into that category.

We think we've found one of the most beautiful Mala necklaces around and we think you're going to love it....

But let us explain more.....

A Mala necklace is very similar to prayer beads that many faiths use around the world. A full Mala has 108 beads on, just like the one we have right here and they are used in a very similar fashion as regular prayer beads.

A prayer or mantra is said for every bead on the necklace and it is repeated with each one on a regular basis. The beads help to keep count but to also keep you focsed and on track through the whole experience.

Mala necklaces are used for meditation as well as prayer and many people believe it helps to align what are often called energy centres or chakras.

All we know is that this is a beautiful necklace that's perfect to wear, enjoy or meditate with. Plus we have this at a great price!

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What if you don't use this for meditation.....?

Well, this is where we think this item goes above and beyond. Even if you're not into meditation, mantras or anything spiritual then this item works great. It's quite simply a wonderfully simple yet beautiful piece of jewellery.

The beads are a gorgeous colour and look stunning when worn with a variety of outfits and looks without being too fussy or over the top. And despite there being over 100 beads this piece certainly isn't bulky or heavy to wear yet the quality remains of the highest standard.

There's worldwide delivery available for a flat rate fee and we can dispatch within 48 hours.

But best of all we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you're not happy for any reason just drop us an email and we'll be able to help out right away.

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